Magnesium Research


Magnesium influence on morphine ‐‐ induced pharmacodependence in rats Volume 17, issue 1, March 2004


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Department of Pharmacology ; Department of Inorganic Chemistry, University of Medicine and Pharmacy Gr. T. Popa, Universitatii 16, Iasi 6600, Romania

We tested Mg 2+ influence on experimental morphine‐induced pharmacodependence in rats. Morphine‐induced pharmacodependence model consists of progressively increased doses of morphine (M) (5 mg\kg i.p until 90 mg\kg i.p) during 10 days. Withdrawal syndrome was induced by naloxone (N) administration (1 mg\kg, s.c.) on the 11 th day, 2 h after the last morphine administration. We evaluated and statistically interpreted symptoms from withdrawal syndrome. 2 groups received magnesium acetate (MgAc) 0.5 mEq\kg\day i.p. and 0.1 mEq\kg\day MgAc i.p. respectively during all 11 days of morphine‐induced pharmacodependence. Serum magnesium levels were determined by spectrophotometry. Data obtained show that MgAc significantly decreases symptoms from withdrawal syndrome (grooming 19.9 ± 2.1 in M + MgAc 0.5 mEq\kg\day vs. 33 ± 2.85 in M group, p < 0.01).