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Médecine thérapeutique

Médecine thérapeutique

Journal on therapeutics BRAND NEW VERSION

Médecine Thérapeutique is the official journal of the National Educational Association for theTeaching of Therapeutics (APNET).
This French language journal is geared to both expert and in-training clinicians.
With its brand new formula, the journal is the place where the entire medical community will find firsthand updated information in the field of therapeutics. It addresses such issues as drugs, biotherapies, medical devices, new technologies as well as drugfree treatments. Médecine Thérapeutique also publishes articles on translational or diagnostic medicine but with a focus on therapeutics.


Numbers by year : 6

ISSN : 1264-6520

ISSN (online) : 1952-4099

Editor : Emmanuel Andrès

Published in : Français

Keywords : Internal medicine, gastroenterology, rheumatology, paediatric, imagery, infectous diseases, biology, immunology