L'Information Psychiatrique

L'Information Psychiatrique

Volume 98, issue 5, Mai 2022


Volume 98, issue 5, Mai 2022


En accès libre Body or mind, from head to toe (p.315-7)
Eduardo Mahieu
Free Access

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Article The psyche constrained by the body (p.319-26)
Maurice Corcos

En accès libre Clinical care in anorexia nervosa: Benefits of a joint somatic and psychiatric approach (p.327-33)
Bruno Rocher, Maëlle Le Bras
Open Access

Article Exploring a possible connection between adolescent scarification and drug therapy (p.334-8)
Emmanuelle Granier

Article The vicissitudes of the body in the human mains (p.339-42)
Didier Bourgeois

Article Sesame: A survival break for the body and psyche of alcoholic patients (Presentation of the therapy program) (p.343-9)
Laurent Valot

Article Post-traumatic stress: Psychomotricity, indications, and pluridisciplinarity (p.351-3)
Philippe Scialom

Article Yoga and addiction: Yoga therapy for anxiety reduction (p.354-9)
Ludivine Bulliard, Joanic Masson


Article The vital union of epistemology and psychiatry (p.361-8)
Ivana S. Marková, German E. Berrios, Robert N. Palem, Jean-Luc Martinez, Alexandre El Omeiri

Question ouverte

Article Laughter and psychosis (p.369-75)
Nicolas Brémaud

Cas clinique

Article Attempted suicide by intravenous air injection (p.377-9)
Ikram Saadi, Jihane Moussaoui, Mohammed Barrimi


Article Psychiatry library section. Review: The Discovery of the Unconscious by Henri Ellenberger, by Henri Ey (p.381-4)
Eduardo Mahieu

Article Analyse de livre. Jusqu’au bout de mes peines. Chronique d’un juge de l’application des peines de Bérangère Le Boëdec-Maurel (p.385-6)
Michel David

Article Analyse de livre. Rethinking Psychopathology: Creative Convergences de Ivana S. Marková, Eric Chen (ed.) (p.387-8)
Samuel Lézé

Article Sélection de livres (p.389-90)


Article Agenda (p.391-2)