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À mediation in precariousness: Radio Mobile Paris! Volume 99, issue 5, Mai 2023


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1 Infirmières diplômées d’État
2 Praticien hospitalier
3 Site CH Sainte-Anne, GHU Paris Psychiatrie et Neurosciences, Pôle psychiatrie-précarité, 1 rue Cabanis, 75014, Paris, France
* Correspondance : A. Mercuel

Radio Mobile Paris is a radio-based group initiative targeting people in situations of severe social exclusion and with mental health difficulties in Paris. It was created and developed by two nurses in the Psychiatry and Precarity department of the GHU, as well as by two artists, a pianist and a radio jockey, from the collective ¿Por Qué No?. The objectives of the group mediation are to promote self-expression and creativity as well as to restore modes of relationship to the other and to the group in a target population characterized by solitude, loss, and rupture of social relations.