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What psychiatric disease did the Roman Emperor Caligula suffer from? Volume 85, issue 1, Janvier 2009

Secteur de psychiatrie adulte G06 ; établissement public santé Alsace-Nord (Epsan) 141, avenue de Strasbourg, 67170 Brumath, Secteur de psychiatrie adulte G02, établissement public de santé Alsace Nord (Epsan) 141, avenue de Strasbourg, 67170 Brumath

The young Roman emperor Caligula ran his government with politics reputed to be unstable and blood-thirsty. This character and the possible mental illness that may have affected his judgement continue to intrigue historians, psychologists and doctors. Multiple hypotheses have therefore been developed, ranging from psychopathy to schizophrenia. What are each of the advanced arguments? What semiological understanding can we draw from the antique sources? In all cases, the many semiological arguments will need to be compared with one another in order to relate as much as possible with the original clinical picture.