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Migration et faux-self : perspectives récentes Volume 83, issue 9, novembre 2007

Psychiatre, Président de l’Association internationale de psychanalyse de couple et de famille, directeur de la revue Le Divan familial. 154, rue d’Alésia 75014 Paris

Migration and false-self. Recent perspectives.The author tackles one of the difficulties of the trauma of migration, the transformations that operate on a level of self and identity, with regard to mental suffering and psychic disorganization. The subject adapts a part of his self into a “false self” in order to adapt to the real and/or supposed requirements of the environment and culture of his host country. By studying the functioning of this part of the self, which has a tendency to mimicry and hyper-adaptability, the author underlines the function of ego splitting in stifling desire. What results is a greater loss of self-esteem.