L'Information Psychiatrique


The psychiatric hospitalization of people in highly precarious situations Volume 89, issue 6, Juin-Juillet 2013

Groupe de sociologie politique et morale, EPS Ville-Evrard, 202, avenue Jean-Jaurès, 93330 Neuilly-sur-Marne, France, Université Paris-VIII - Saint-Denis, 2, rue de la Liberté, 93526 Saint-Denis Cedex, France

The type of management available for patients in a highly precarious position will depend on their initial access to psychiatric care. But what happens then? Specifically, what then takes place during the psychiatric hospitalisation for these patients? A qualitative sociological study carried out at the Montperrin Hospital Centre highlights the fact that the development of hospitalisation for each patient is closely linked to the way in which professional caregivers provide their management. To understand how this makes sense in the hospital setting, it is necessary to study the interaction between two fundamental elements: what is the perception of precarious situations and the problems encountered by professionals during the period of hospitalisation.