L'Information Psychiatrique


Words and realities Volume 87, issue 4, Avril 2011

Psychiatre et psychanalyste, Cecos de l’hôpital Cochin, SoFECT, Université Paris Descartes, Paris, France

This concerns in particular the F64 category “gender identity disorders” and does not address the treatment pathway, or what the society decides to include on the civil status of persons. It will address some problems of terminology regarding sex, gender and sexuality, but will be primarily mainly devoted to the fundamental problem of stigma. Changing the words certainly has a particular symbolic value, but does not prevent the process of stigmatization. Our culture has been influenced by the LGBTIQ (Lesbian Gay Bi Trans Intersex Queer) movement, that raises many issues which are more societal than medical, but the denial of the biological reality does not seem the best thread of Ariadne to help us out of the maze.