L'Information Psychiatrique


La souffrance au travail et les pathologies émergentes Volume 84, issue 9, Novembre 2008

Psychiatre, 15, rue Racine, 75006 Paris

Suffering at work and emerging pathologies.While work is becoming less and less physically taxing, reasons for ill-being and mental suffering are on the rise. An understanding of distress in the workplace, and more specifically moral harassment, emerges as much more complex than a simple causal relationship between a potentially destabilising work situation and its consequences on workers, and even more so between a harasser and a victim. Other extra professional variables must be taken into consideration in this relationship, such as the role of the worker’s personality, their personal situation, their social problems, but also more general changes in social mentality. I propose to analyse the current malaise in the workplace, with regard to the transformations both in individuals and in society as a whole.