L'Information Psychiatrique


La réactivité émotionnelle dans les troubles bipolaires Volume 84, issue 2, février 2008

Pôle de psychiatrie universitaire, hôpital Albert Chenevier, bâtiment Hartmann, 94000 Créteil

Emotional reactivity in bipolar disorders.The definitions of bipolar disorders are based solely on the presence of manic, mixed, or depressive episodes, with the latter mainly characterised by euphoric, irritable or sad moods. Leaving aside problems of conceptualisation posed by mixed states which must present both sad and euphoric moods, definitions based solely on emotional tonality seem too restrictive to qualify affective disorders. Emotions are of course characterised by the tonality of affects but also by the intensity of the emotional response to stimuli. In this article we sum up the characteristics of emotional reactivity in bipolar subjects throughout the inter-critical period and during episodes. In the light of the first results, it would appear that the definition of bipolar disorders would benefit from including this criterion.