L'Information Psychiatrique


La place de l’autoprescription Volume 81, issue 2, Février 2005


The place of self-prescription.« Prescription » is not about reality. The former statutes on order and rule but says nothing about real impact, effects and efficacy... Taking three examples (that of a CATTP part-time therapeutic clinic, of the work milieu, of a patient taking “ his/her ” medicine), we will endeavour to show that to be effective, a different approach is required in which the subject engages with and appropriates the prescription in an approach that could be termed “self-prescription”. The Massilia CATTP, for instance, has instituted self-prescription in its patients as a guiding principle. In Anne Flottes’ presentation, self-prescription is seen as being perverted when it does not transform the initial prescription but remains in the realm of the ideal, ineffective in the real world and generating suffering in the work milieu.