L'Information Psychiatrique


The digitization of psychiatry: With what body and for what soul? Volume 96, issue 2, Février 2020

27, rue Vidie 44000 Nantes, France
Chercheuse associée Centre François-Viète d’épistémologie et d’histoire des sciences et des techniques, Nantes
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Technological convergences made possible by the digital data market have an impact on all fields, including healthcare. The specific nature of psychiatric care requires us to urgently investigate the criteriology of mental disorders likely to be encoded into data, using a clinical approach that places mental disorders back within a medical context. A clinical study bolstered by a phenomenological anthropology—linked both to physiology and to a socio-environmental approach in order to explain and understand the disease—will take into account the irreducible complexity of the data. Additionally, studying organicism, that is, a holistic view of the mind-body unit that originates in critical continental phenomenology, will shed light on the prerequisites that are missing from present-day theories and criteriologies of mental disorders.