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La crise de la fin d’hospitalisation en gérontopsychiatrie Volume 83, issue 9, novembre 2007

Psychologue clinicien, maître de conférence à l’Institut de psychologie de l’Université Lumière-Lyon 2, membre du Centre de recherche en psychologie et psychopathologie Clinique, Institut de psychologie, Université Lumière-Lyon 2

Crises at the end of hospital stays in gerontopsychiatry.Hospitalisation in gerontopsychiatry is often a turning point in the lives of elderly persons, in particular when they are oriented towards an institutional home. Based on two clinical situations, we will look into the question of the resolution or not of transference, not only onto caregivers (in particular the psychiatrist), but also onto the institutional framework. Many setbacks after discharges (readmission to hospital, somatising, death) are due to the fact that the support provided by the institution itself has not been taken into account. Anxieties which had been consigned there immediately make a catastrophic comeback within an already fragile psyche.