L'Information Psychiatrique


Joint consultation in neurodevelopmental disorders: Consulting together Volume 98, issue 4, Avril 2022

1 Neuropédiatre, 5 rue Parrayon, 59800 Lille, France
2 Pédopsychiatre, 23, rue Colbert, 49000 Angers, France
* Correspondance : L. Vallée

The development of knowledge on neurodevelopmental disorders in the field of neuroscience has highlighted, especially in recent decades, the existing complementarity between neuropediatrics and child psychiatry. The consequence of this is the need for a shared approach in neuropediatrics and child psychiatry. The concepts necessary for this dual analysis are common and/or complementary to both specialties. We will discuss some of the underlying theoretical foundations to illustrate this. Joint child psychiatric and neuropediatric consultation allows children and their parents to benefit from this diagnostic and therapeutic approach.