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Risk factors and health norms in light of the concepts of urgency and kairos Volume 95, issue 3, Mars 2019

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The challenge of the concept of emergent psychosis is to identify and detect a certain number of risk factors considered to be characteristic of persons with a high risk of becoming psychotic, in order to perform a medical intervention. However, the risk cannot be reduced to statistical data and is closely related to social bonds. Inherent to living beings is a relationship with others and with oneself based on a subjective temporal perception related to the ancient notion of kairos. Furthermore, with the concept of emergent psychosis, what appears, becomes real, and takes over what existed latently, becomes urgent. As a point of connection between the maturation of the past and the point of crisis, kairos, meaning the right action at the opportune moment, offers a way of rethinking the element in the patient-caregiver relationship that cannot be grasped by scientific knowledge due to its unpredictability.

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