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Évaluer l’activité en psychiatrie : une question toujours ouverte Volume 83, issue 7, Septembre 2007


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Praticien hospitalier secteur 49G07, médecin DIM, Césame, Sainte-Gemmes-sur-Loire, 49137 Les Ponts-de-Cé Cedex

Assessment in psychiatry: an open questionAssessment of medical practice is inescapable in the early 21st century. How can the psychiatric sector respond in a coherent way? It has been subject, on the one hand (historically), to general hospital rules and logics, and on the other, to a “softer” logic, fluctuating according to the various illnesses, patients’ environments and local care structures. Moreover, the aim of this assessment has shifted: where once information was sought on the treatment and case history of users, now medico-economic imperatives require a correlation between health care and cost. What is the position in 2007? Some assessment tools exist, others are in the pipeline; no choice has yet been made and the question remains open. On the basis of the work of the medical information department of a mental health centre, we propose to resituate the existing assessment tool (the patient’s medical file) and its possible uses and the new PMSI (programme for a medicalised information system), and to put forward a possible assessment of professional sector practices which would throw light on the remaining dark areas.