L'Information Psychiatrique


Testifying in court: An undisciplinary practice? Volume 96, issue 2, Février 2020

Professeur des universités en psychopathologie et psychologie clinique (Lyon 2),
Psychologue clinicienne
Expert près la Cour d’Appel de Lyon
* Correspondance

Testifying in court is a unique practice that plays a part in transforming chaos into a history of trauma. Furthermore, the expert is individually summoned there and personally involved in all instances of the violence of the act that resonate with the emotional and sensory order. The expert is thus the emotional spokesperson for the frightening, shocking, and fascinating experiences of the clinical case. In this sense, these experiences must be considered as signs or traces of traumatic expression. Using these sensory traces, a historical narrative can be constructed, thus permitting the violence of the act to find its carrier and to enter the social world.