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Beyond psychosomatic dualism: fundamental contributions of phenomenology Volume 85, issue 1, Janvier 2009

Psychiatre, 27, rue Vidie, 44000 Nantes ; Psychiatrie secteur VIII, CH de Cholet, rue Marengo, 49325 Cholet

Phenomenological clinical knowledge of corporeality is defined as mental and somatic unity and biological and personal unity. Does it therefore go beyond this usual paradox in psychiatry that holds together the monistic materialistic theory and dualist psychosomatic clinical knowledge? Does the clinical knowledge of corporeality currently enable to alter the “Esquisse d’un organicisme critique” (“Outline of a critical organicism”) suggested by Georges Lanteri-Laura? Finally, do the updated clinical knowledge of corporeality and critical organicism clarify the differences between the practice, theory and theory of practice? These are the three issues we address.