Gériatrie et Psychologie Neuropsychiatrie du Vieillissement

Gériatrie et Psychologie Neuropsychiatrie du  Vieillissement

Volume 21, issue 2, Juin 2023


Volume 21, issue 2, Juin 2023

Partie A: Éditorial

En accès libre “Choosing wisely”: an initiative to reduce unnecessary tests and treatments (p.145-7)
Anne-Sophie Boureau, Aline Corvol
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Partie A: Recommandations

En accès libre Synthesis in French of the 2022 global recommendations for the management and prevention of falls in the elderly (p.149-60)
Hubert Blain, Cédric Annweiler, Gilles Berrut, Clemens Becker, Pierre-Louis Bernard, Jean Bousquet, Patricia Dargent-Molina, Patrick Friocourt, Finbarr C. Martin, Tahir Masud, Mirko Petrovic, François Puisieux, Jean-Baptiste Robiaud, Jesper Ryg, Nathalie Van der Velde, Manuel Montero-Odasso, Yves Rolland
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Partie A: Synthèse

En accès libre Causes of medication administration errors in elderly people: a systematic review (p.161-72)
Audrey Bauguil, Julie Berthou-Contreras, Thomas Tannou, Séverine Koeberle, Samuel Limat, Anne-Laure Clairet
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Partie A: Article original

En accès libre Study of cardiovascular drugs usage, among elderly subjects admitted to the emergency department for syncopal falls in Rhône-Alpes region (p.173-84)
Gaëlle Hélias, Virginie Garnier, Lukas Enzinger, Maeva Eymaron, Francois-Xavier Ageron, Pascal Couturier
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En accès libre Effect of a fall prevention program on subjective age in older people (p.185-91)
Hervé Fundenberger, David Hupin, Bienvenu Bongue, Nathalie Barth, Brice Canada
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En accès libre How to optimise the use of psychotropic drugs in the elderly? Focus groups in a geriatric unit (p.192-202)
Mathieu Corvaisier, Augustine Pierson, Anne-Solène Viollin, Marine Asfar, Guillaume Duval, Marie Otekpo, Cédric Annweiler, Laurence Spiesser-Robelet
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En accès libre Tagravpa: Help table and grid for identifying the risk of aggravation and early rehospitalization of elderly persons 75 years and older referred to emergency departments and/or hospitalized in care units (p.203-13)
Maryline Bourriquen, Géraldine Delalande, Anne-Laure Couderc, Nicolas Persico, Julie Berbis, Franck Paganelli, Laurent Boyer, Antoine Roch, Aurélie Daumas, Loïc Lalys, Patrick Villani
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En accès libre Use of the Stopp/Start version 2 tool in an acute geriatric unit (p.214-20)
Abrar-Ahmad Zulfiqar, Thibault Courtois, Emmanuel Andrès
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Partie B: Éditorial

En accès libre Editorial (p.221-2)
Christian Derouesné
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Partie B: Synthèse

En accès libre Montessori Method applied to dementia, a person-centered global approach Part 2. Review of literature, effects and perspectives (p.223-32)
Jérôme Erkes, Sophie Bayard
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En accès libre Immunotherapies in Alzheimer’s disease: state of the art and potential use in the elderly (p.233-40)
Julien Delrieu, Pierre Jean Ousset
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Partie B: Review

En accès libre Tools for assessing social isolation and feelings of loneliness in older adults: a systematic review (p.241-50)
Nadine Simo, Lidvine Godaert, Roxane Villeneuve, Jean-François Dartigues, Maturin Tabue Teguo, Moustapha Dramé
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Partie B: Article original

En accès libre Feedback from the homelike transformation of a special care unit (p.251-67)
Fany Cérèse, Sandy Maire-Renzulli, Raphaela Schrack
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En accès libre Depression in older adults. What are the differences in clinical practice? (p.268-76)
Guillaume Le Bivic, Frédéric Limosin, Cédric Lemogne, Nicolas Hoertel
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