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Gériatrie et Psychologie Neuropsychiatrie du Vieillissement

Gériatrie et Psychologie Neuropsychiatrie du  Vieillissement

Volume 15, issue 3, Septembre 2017


Volume 15, issue 3, Septembre 2017

Gériatrie et gérontologie.Éditorial

Article Nursing home in question (p.229)
Gilles Berrut

Gériatrie et gérontologie.Synthèses

Article Interest of a medical surgical geriatric unit in a district hospital: a retrospective study (p.231-41)
Baptiste Gonnaud, Radia Spiga, Selim Hamache, Patricia Ramboa, Corinne Momplot, Magali Tardy, Régis Gonthier

Article Prevalence and severity of peripheral arterial disease among patient with heel pressure ulcer: a retrospective study of 42 patients (p.242-6)
Guillaume Tisserand, Nora Zenati, Christophe Seinturier, Sophie Blaise, Gilles Pernod

En accès libre Decision-making for gastrostomy after 70 years old: a prospective study about 26 patients (p.247-63)
Angéline Mey, Amandine Devun, Marc Roussier, Régis Gonthier, Thomas Celarier

Article Executive dysfunctions as a good predictor of misuse of respiratory inhalers among hospitalized patients: a prospective survey (p.264-72)
Lucie Voulhoux, Gérald Cremer, Anne Spinewine, Marie de Saint-Hubert, Fabienne Amant, Carine Sohy, Didier Schoevaerdts

Gériatrie et gérontologie.Article original

Article High rate of errors in pillbox filling by cognitively healthy elderly people (p.273-82)
Camille Coumans, Muriel Vandenberghe, Patrick Fery

Psychologie et neuropsychiatrie.Éditorial

Article Éditorial (p.283-4)
Christian Derouesné

Psychologie et neuropsychiatrie.Synthèses

Article Structural magnetic resonance imaging in frontotemporal lobar dementia (p.285-94)
Anne Bertrand, Sebastian Stroër, Isabelle Le Ber, Marc Teichmann, Didier Dormont

En accès libre Lev Semenovich Vygotsky (1896-1924): an introduction to the historico-cultural psychology and the development of the higher psychological processes (p.295-307)
Christian Derouesné

Psychologie et neuropsychiatrie.Articles originaux

Article Retrieval of memories with the help of music in Alzheimer's disease (p.309-18)
Priscilia Chevreau, Ingrid Nizard, Philippe Allain

Article Representations of their own sexuality and aging body by old people: phenomenological and psychodynamic approach (p.319-28)
Lucile Meyrignac, Noureddine Bouati, Alain Sagne, Gaëtan Gavazzi, Anne-Claire Zipper

Article Insular cognitive impairment at the early stage of dementia with Lewy bodies: a preliminary study (p.329-38)
Nathalie Philippi, Jennifer Kemp, Morgane Constans-Erbs, Malik Hamdaoui, Laetitia Monjoin, Emmanuelle Ehrhard, Timothée Albasser, Anne Botzung, Catherine Demuynck, Géraldine Heim, Catherine Martin-Hunyadi, Mathias Bilger, Laetitia Berly, David Soulier, Benjamin Cretin, Olivier Després, Frédéric Blanc

Psychologie et neuropsychiatrie.Agenda

Article Agenda (p.339)