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Gériatrie et Psychologie Neuropsychiatrie du Vieillissement

Gériatrie et Psychologie Neuropsychiatrie du  Vieillissement

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Fragility and quality of life, the benefits of physical activity for the elderly
Julien Vejux, Solenn le Bruchec, Valérie Bernat, Christophe Beauvais, Nathalie Beauvais, Gilles Berrut
Online since 31/03/2021

Alexandre Romanovitch Luria (1902–1977). Partie I. Le psychologue
Christian Derouesné
Online since 28/03/2021

Article original

Clinical profile and care pathways of nursing home residents having the intervention of hospital at home and comparison according to the referrers
Thomas Stojanov, Alexandre Georges, Matthieu De Stampa
Online since 03/02/2022


Du témoignage de l’action vers une charte mobilisée par des espaces éthiques de proximité dans les établissements médico sociaux pour personnes âgées
Fabrice Gzil, Gilles Berrut
Online since 23/12/2021

e-section of GPNV

Manifesto for the rights of older people
Sophie Moulias, Gilles Berrut, Nathalie Salles, Jean-Pierre Aquino, Olivier Guérin, Robert Moulias
Online since 23/12/2021

Overuse of antidepressants in older outpatients with Alzheimer's disease and associated disorders: an observational study
Mathilde Gourdon, Laurence Petit, Sandrine Delpierre, Mélanie Sebbagh-Eczet, Janina Estrada, Caroline Marquis, Agathe Raynaud-Simon, Dominique Bonnet-Zamponi
Online since 10/06/2021

Rehabilitation of language processing disorders in bilingual patients with Alzheimer's disease
Sara Sahraoui, Smail Daoudi, Laurent Lefebvre
Online since 23/07/2021

The age-related positivity effect: forgetting the negative and/or remembering the positive? An inter-task study
Pierrick Laulan, Gwenaelle Catheline, Willy Mayo, Christelle Robert, Stéphanie Mathey
Online since 30/09/2021

COVID-19 serology in nursing homes and long-term care facilities: prevalence of seroconversion in the Amiens-Picardie University Hospital
Julien Moyet, Cédric Joseph, Etienne Brochot, Isabelle Defouilloy, Thierry Brasseur, Camélia Smarandache, Samir Boutalha, Sandrine Castelain, Jean-Luc Schmit, Frédéric Bloch
Online since 15/12/2021

Criteria for taking an advance decision to limit the transfer to intensive care of patients aged 75 and over, hospitalised in an acute geriatric unit
Jérémie Vovelle, Jeremy Barben, Agnés Camus, Anca-Maria Mihai, Mélanie Dipanda, Valentine Nuss, Caroline Laborde, Sophie Putot, Alain Putot, Patrick Manckoundia
Online since 23/12/2021

Therapy based on positive self-defining memories for older women with depressive disorder and associated ruminations: a pilot study
Emeline Spor, Carole Lefèvre
Online since 16/01/2022

Episodic memory and ageing: the role of cognitive reserve factors and cognitive resources according to task difficulty
Léa Martinez, Séverine Fay, Tugba Onsekiz, Badiâa Bouazzaoui, Laurence Taconnat
Online since 16/01/2022

Cognitive reserve as one of the determinants of the progression of Alzheimer disease
Pierre Albrecht, Jérémie Perisse, Erik-André Sauleau, Frédéric Blanc
Online since 16/01/2022

Animal-assisted intervention and agitation in patients with dementia: evaluation in a special care unit by the Cohen-Mansfield Agitation Inventory
Stanislas Latoch, Stéphane Carnein, Robert Kohler, Frédéric Blanc, Thomas Vogel, Georges Kaltenbach
Online since 25/01/2022

Prospective memory, emotions and Alzheimer's disease
Mohamed Graa, Anne-Marie Ergis
Online since 01/02/2022

Study of a tool supporting the link between community and hospital care: a six-month study of a geriatric hotline
Florence Benoist, Géraldine Martin-Gaujard, Marc Bonnefoy
Online since 01/02/2022

Do clinical pharmacy activities have an impact on the rehospitalisation rate of elderly patients admitted to a MUPA unit for a fall?
Alice Clementz, Jérémy Jost, Aurore Lacour, Voa Ratsimbazafy, Achille Tchalla
Online since 01/02/2022

AVK overdose in Covid-19 infected patients
Marion Moine, Marc Vasse, Sarah Jegaden, Olfa Boufares, Elodie Besson, Svetlana Dodille, Joelle Jerome, Brigitte Bonan, Valérie Ducasse
Online since 10/02/2022

Lived experience, perceptions, and expectations of close relatives of nursing home residents and strengths-based nursing: a phenomenological approach
Charlotte Havreng-Théry, François Bertin-Hugault, Philippe Zawieja, Joël Belmin, Monique Rothan-Tondeur
Online since 16/02/2022

General practice and associated health conditions in patients aged 65 years or over
Elodie Vandroz, Fabien Subtil, Marc Bonneroy, Laurent Letrilliart
Online since 16/02/2022

Evaluating biological nutritional status in elderly people with unscheduled hospitalisation
Marie Beaud, Bernard Lardy, Jean-Luc Bosson, Alban Deroux, Pascal Couturier
Online since 16/02/2022

Theory of mind, empathy and eye gaze strategies during observation of a work of art: neurodegenerative pathologies
Kevin Polet, Solange Hesse, Adeline Morisot, Benoît Kunmann, Sandrine Louchart de la Chapeue, Galina Iakimova, Alain Pesce
Online since 16/02/2022

Insomnia comorbid to Parkinson's disease Part II: Therapeutic approaches
Cindy Lebrun, Marie-Christine Gély-Nargeot, Sophie Bayard
Online since 10/04/2021

Role of non-pharmacological interventions for healthy ageing
Grérory Ninot, Pierre-Louis Bernard, Michel Nogues, Tamila Roslyakova, Raphael Trouillet
Online since 30/04/2021

Bidirectional endoscopy in the assessment of iron deficiency in the elderly
Flora Ketz, Anne Buisson, Marine Levassort, Éric Pautas
Online since 25/06/2021

Chronic kidney disease and cognitive impairment
Marion Pépin, Cédric Villain
Online since 07/10/2021

Management of panic disorder in the elderly
Maxime Pace, Mathilde Heckendorn, Bruno Aouizerate, Cécile Hanon, Anne-Sophie Seigneurie, Pierre Lavaud, Franz Hozer, Rachel Pascal De Raykeer, Christophe Guerin-Langlois, Lucile Cormier, Hélène Poncelin De Raucourt, Frédéric Limosin, Nicolas Hoertel
Online since 07/10/2021

Why and how to evaluate driving abilities in patients with neurodegenerative diseases?
Chloé Lazeras, Mégané Cartier, Marie Bonnet, Brice Laurens, Wassilios G. Meissner, Vincent Planche
Online since 11/11/2021

Frailty, depression and prognosis after transcatheter aortic valve replacement: a literature review
Manuela Dalberto, Stéphanie Miot, Florence leclercq, Hubert Blain
Online since 23/12/2021

Sleep apnoea and cognitive impairment: myth or reality?
Kiyoka Kinugawa
Online since 23/12/2021

Therapeutic trials and Dementia with Lewy bodies: a systematic review of the literature
Matthieu Sacrez, Margot Lamothe, Lucie Rauch, Anne Botzung, Frédéric Blanc
Online since 23/12/2021

Paradoxical reactions to benzodiazepines in the elderly
Christine Champion, Teddy Novais, Jean-Michel Dorey, Pierre Krolak-Salmon, Alexis Lepetit
Online since 23/12/2021

Frailty and quality of life, the benefits of physical activity for the elderly
Julien Vejux, Solenn le Bruchec, Valérie Bernat, Christophe Beauvais, Nathalie Beauvais, Gilles Berrut
Online since 23/12/2021

Risk factors for readmission to the emergency department in patients aged 75 or older: a systematic review
Camille Cande, Mustafa sebbane, Xavier Bobbia, Pierre-Géraud Claret, Cédric Le Guillou, Achille Tchalla, Hubert Blain
Online since 23/12/2021

Empagliflozin in the elderly
Gilles Berrut, Anne Sophie Boureau, Jean Noel Trochu, Bastien Genet, Laure De DecKer, Olivier Hanon
Online since 23/12/2021

Cognitive functions in late-life depression
Caroline Masse, Gilles Chopard, Djamila Bennabi, Emmanuel Haffen, Pierre Vandel
Online since 25/01/2022

Quality of life and sarcopenic patients
Charlotte Beaudart, Marc Bonnefoy, Thomas Gilbert, Elena Paillaud, Agathe Raynaud-Simon, Olivier GuÉrin, Claude Jeandel, Bruno Le Sourd, Max Haine, Monique Ferry, Yves Rolland, Gilles Berrut, Jean-Yves Reginster, Olivier Bruyère
Online since 09/02/2022

Psychological impact of COVID-19 lockdown on staff and residents of nursing and care homes in Belgium and EHPADs France
Carine Duray-Parmentier, Jean-Baptiste Lafontaine, Noémie Nielens, Pascal Janne, Maximilien Gourdin
Online since 09/02/2022

Misuse of opioid analgesics in elderly patients: a review
Manon Cublier, Pascal Menecier, Armin von Gunten, Alexis Lepetit, Jean-Michel Dorey, Benjamin Rolland
Online since 10/04/2021

Vitamin D supplementation and COVID-19: expert consensus and guidelines
Cédric Annweiler, Jean-Claude Souberbielle
Online since 07/10/2021

Cognitive aspects of attention disorders in Alzheimer's disease
Éric Siéroff, Charlotte Joly, Henri Lenoir
Online since 21/10/2021

Nicolas Bernstein and Pyotr Anokhin: pioneers of modern psychophysiology
Christian Derouesné
Online since 16/02/2022

Satisfaction survey of general practitioners calling upon an external mobile geriatric team
Aude Richard, Virginie Garnier, Damien Seynave, Chantal Sala, Anne-Marie Chazal, Blandine Laquet, Brigitte Lô-Strauss, Pascal Couturier
Online since 16/02/2022

Sensorimotor synchronisation and non-verbal behaviours in Alzheimer's disease: the influence of social and musical contexts
Matthew Ghilain, Lise Hobeika, Loris Schiaratura, Micheline Lesaffre, Joren Six, Frank Desmet, Sylvain Clément, Séverine Samson
Online since 17/02/2021

Changes in psychotropic drug use among patients in the cognitive behavioural care unit in Toulon
Romain Van Overloop, Lauriane Campserveux, Sylvie Arlotto
Online since 10/03/2021

Analysis of the impact of a medication reconciliation tool on the hospital-community interface
Pierre Chassagne, Xavier Gbaguidi, Jean Dumur, Philippe Chassagne, Pierre Olivier Lang
Online since 10/03/2021

Working memory training in normal and pathological ageing: neurocognitive gains and their impact on daily-living activities
Marine Saba, Sophie Blanchet
Online since 17/02/2021

Continuous and advanced treatment strategies in old and very old patients with Parkinson's disease
Louise-Laure Mariani
Online since 10/03/2021

Simulating age-related limitations among students and health professionals: a scoping review
Julie Giner Perot, Joël Belmin
Online since 10/03/2021