Educative global care of children and adolescents with epilepsy in the Toul Ar C’Hoat centre Volume 21, issue 2, avril-mai-juin 2009

Centre de Toul’Ar C’Hoat, 29150 Châteaulin

Specialized since 1959 in the care of epileptic children and adolescents, the Toul Ar C’Hoat centre is a private nonprofit establishment managed by the Association for care and education of young epileptics. The establishment receives 84 boys and girls from all over France in order to continue their primary and secondary schooling (the only such secondary school in France), with appropriate medical, paramedical and educational follow-up. The multidisciplinary team was diversified over the years and according to ever changing regulations. It is devoted to the care of the young students in partnership with the families, thus taking their environement into account. In this article we present the four main axes arround which occurs our daily work. The first axis concerns seizures and self-image ; the second, seizures and family dynamics. The thirds revolves around learning difficulties in school, social life and relationships. The last concerns the specficity of the educator’s work. Conclusions open questions around epilepsy and (re)construction. These four parts are presented separately, but are evidently interwoven in daily practice.