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Bulletin du Cancer


Prosthetic mammary reconstruction and radiotherapy: analysis of 67 cases Volume 85, issue 2, Février 1998


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Authors inquire into repercussions of radiotherapy (RT) on prosthetic mammary reconstruction (PMR) by using the retrospective analysis of 67cases, 59 of which were performed in irradiated areas. The particular aspect of irradiated prosthesis is evocated regarding 8 cases, and with the support of a literature review. Surgical complications and late results are evaluated comparatively to 339 PMR among non irradiated patients. According to available data in our series, harmfullness of RT not appeared statistically demonstrated. From both their experience and the literature, authors clarify indications of PMR following RT. They conclude to the necessity of a high quality RT, and optimal adaptation of surgical technique to tissular conditions.