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Bulletin du Cancer


Prospects from the bench to the development of signal transduction inhibitors: application for breast cancer Volume 90, issue 10, Octobre 2003


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CRLCC, Centre René‐Gauducheau, bd Jacques‐Monod, 44805 Saint‐Herblain\Nantes Cedex CRLCC, Centre Eugène‐Marquis, rue de la Bataille Flandres‐Dunkerque CS 44229, 35042 Rennes Cedex CRLCC, Centre Claudius‐Régaud, 20‐24 rue Pont‐Saint‐Pierre, 31052 Toulouse Cedex

The mechanism implicated in the carcinogenesis are better understood and the transduction of signal is a potentiel target for new agents. In this review, we describe the different pathways implicated in the transduction of signal and the potential target for new agents in breast cancer. ▴