John Libbey Eurotext

Volume 22, numéro 6, December 2020

Seminars in Epileptology

En accès libre Electroencephalography: basic biophysical and technological aspects important for clinical applications (p.697-715)
Sándor Beniczky, Donald L. Schomer
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En accès libre How to distinguish seizures from non-epileptic manifestations (p.716-38)
Annette Leibetseder, Monika Eisermann, W. Curt LaFrance Jr, Lino Nobili, Tim J. von Oertzen
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Original articles

Article Clinical and electrographic features of persistent seizures and status epilepticus associated with anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis (anti-NMDARE) (p.739-51)
Jacqueline S. Gofshteyn, Anusha K. Yeshokumar, Nathalie Jette, Kiran T. Thakur, Nicole Luche, Elissa Yozawitz, Shelley Varnado, Britany Klenofsky, Mary Claire Tuohy, Jyoti Ankam, Sarah Torres, Dale Hesdorffer, Aaron Nelson, Steven Wolf, Patricia McGoldrick, Helena Yan, Natasha Basma, Zachary Grinspan

Article Seizure symptoms and ambulatory EEG findings: incidence of epileptiform discharges (p.752-8)
Hai Chen, Mohamad Koubeissi, Sana Aziz, Jeremy D. Slater, Hashem Al Bunni, Muhammad T. Khan, Nasser Y. Ali, Faraaz A. Khan, Amir Alnobani, Faraaz M. Hussain, Adam U. Syed, Anas Fares, Talha Iqbal, Tanvir U. Syed

Article Electroclinical features of lateral and medial orbitofrontal epilepsy: a case series (p.759-67)
Yiou Liu, Siyu Wang, Bo Hong, Haixiang Wang, Jiuluan Lin, Jie Shi, Tong Zhao, Jianjun Bai, Jia Li, Wenjing Zhou

Article EEG education in neurology residency: background knowledge and focal challenges (p.769-74)
Fábio A. Nascimento, Atul Maheshwari, Jennifer Chu, Jay R. Gavvala

Article Vertiginous epilepsy: documentation of clinical and electrophysiological findings of nine patients (p.775-81)
Reyhan Surmeli, Ayse Destina Yalcin, Mehmet Surmeli, Gozde Gunay

Article Mind the gap: health disparities in families living with epilepsy are significant and linked to socioeconomic status (p.782-9)
Olivia Groover, Matthew L. Morton, Nicholas J. Janocko, Diane L. Teagarden, Hannah K. Villarreal, Daniel L. Drane, Ioannis Karakis

Clinical commentaries

Article Complex sleep-disordered breathing after vagus nerve stimulation: broadening the spectrum of adverse events of special interest (p.790-6)
Miguel Oliveira Santos, Carla Bentes, Tiago Teodoro, Susana Moreira, Marta Marques, Diogo Tomé, Ana Rita Peralta
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Article Co-existence of idiopathic generalized and focal epilepsy suggested by simultaneous EEG-fMRI: a case report (p.797-801)
Tomohiro Yamazoe, François Dubeau, Nicolás von Ellenrieder, Natalja Zazubovits, Jean Gotman

Article Encephalopathy related to status epilepticus during sleep due to a de novo KCNA1 variant in the Kv-specific Pro-Val-Pro motif: phenotypic description and remarkable electroclinical response to ACTH (p.802-6)
Angelo Russo, Giuseppe Gobbi, Antonella Pini, Rikke Steensbjerre Møller, Guido Rubboli

Article Benign familial infantile epilepsy associated with KCNQ3 mutation: a rare occurrence or an underestimated event? (p.807-10)
Rosaria Nardello, Giuseppe Donato Mangano, Francesco Miceli, Antonina Fontana, Ettore Piro, Vincenzo Salpietro

Article Improved seizure burden and cognitive performance in a child treated with responsive neurostimulation (RNS) following febrile infection related epilepsy syndrome (FIRES) (p.811-6)
Liana Theroux, Yash Shah, Yael Cukier, Shaun Rodgers, Shefali Karkare, David Bonda, Sanjeev Kothare

Article Anatomical electroclinical correlations during an SEEG-recorded seizure with autoscopic hallucination (p.817-22)
Davide Fonti, Stanislas Lagarde, Julia Scholly, Anne Lépine, Didier Scavarada, Monica Puligheddu, Aileen McGonigal, Fabrice Bartolomei

Article Vomiting and retching as presenting signs of focal epilepsy in children (p.823-7)
Marion Depermentier, Nathalie Mercier, Roberto Santalucia, Renaud Lhommel, Marie-Cécile Nassogne, Maria Roberta Cilio
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En accès libre A case series of super-refractory status epilepticus successfully treated with electroconvulsive therapy (p.828-33)
Hui Jan Tan, Tze Yuan Tee, Mazlina Husin, Ching Soong Khoo, Luke Sy-Cherng Woon
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Multimedia teaching materials

En accès libre Post-ictal whistling in Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (p.834-5)
Felipe Romero Carvajal, Ana C. Albuja, Mauricio F. Villamar
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En accès libre Unilateral thalamic lesion mimicking genetic generalized epilepsy (p.836-8)
Catherine V. Kulick-Soper, Joel M. Stein, Isaac H. Chen, Colin A. Ellis, Kathryn A. Davis
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En accès libre List of reviewers for manuscripts published in 2020 (p.839-40)

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