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Epileptic Disorders

The Educational Journal of the International League Against Epilepsy

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Volume 21, numéro 1, February 2019

Article Absence status induced by lacosamide adjunctive therapy
Charles Ákos Szabó, Lola C. Morgan, Suzanne Sonnenberg, Kameel M. Karkar

Article Neuropsychological correlates of obstructive sleep apnea severity in patients with epilepsy
Véronique Latreille, Kim C. Willment, Rani A. Sarkis, Milena Pavlova

Article Tonic status epilepticus in a centenarian woman
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José L. Fernández-Torre, Javier Riancho, María Martín-García, Gonzalo Martínez-de las Cuevas, Pilar Bosque-Varela

Article EEG of asymptomatic first-degree relatives of patients with juvenile myoclonic, childhood absence and rolandic epilepsy: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Mariam Tashkandi, Duaa Baarma, Andrea C. Tricco, Cyrus Boelman, Reem Alkhater, Berge A. Minassian

Article Berardinelli-Seip syndrome and progressive myoclonus epilepsy
Domenico Serino, Chiara Davico, Nicola Specchio, Carlo Efisio Marras, Franco Fioretto

Article DEPDC5 mutation and familial focal epilepsy with variable foci: genotype and phenotype of a family
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Marina Aberastury, Romina Fernández, Marta Córdoba, Betiana Comas, Martín Peralta, Guillermo Agosta, Marcelo Kauffman, Walter Silva

Article Quinidine therapy and therapeutic drug monitoring in four patients with KCNT1 mutations
Shinsaku Yoshitomi, Yukitoshi Takahashi, Tokito Yamaguchi, Taikan Oboshi, Asako Horino, Hiroko Ikeda, Katsumi Imai, Tohru Okanishi, Mitsuko Nakashima, Hirotomo Saitsu, Naomichi Matsumoto, Jun Yoshimoto, Takako Fujita, Atsushi Ishii, Shinichi Hirose, Yushi Inoue

Article A novel mutation in KCNQ3-related benign familial neonatal epilepsy: electroclinical features and neurodevelopmental outcome
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Ettore Piro, Rosaria Nardello, Elena Gennaro, Antonina Fontana, Maurizio Taglialatela, Giuseppe Donato Mangano, Giovanni Corsello, Salvatore Mangano

Article A Rasmussen encephalitis, autoimmune encephalitis, and mitochondrial disease mimicker: expanding the DNM1L-associated intractable epilepsy and encephalopathy phenotype
Danielle A. Nolan, Baibing Chen, Anne Marie Michon, Emily Salatka, Daniel Arndt

Article Focal visual status epilepticus
Caspar Stephani, Walter Paulus, Niels K. Focke

Volume 20, numéro 6, December 2018

Article Epileptology of the first tonic-clonic seizure in adults and prediction of seizure recurrence
Michalis Koutroumanidis, Elisa Bruno

Article Under-reporting of nocturnal seizures using video-based home monitoring: a case study on the evaluation of the effect of vagal nerve stimulation
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Stefano Peciola, Sari-Leena Himanen, Andrew Knight, Maxine Dibué-Adjei, Sirpa Rainesalo, Jukka Peltola

Article Hemiconvulsion-Hemiplegia-Epilepsy in a girl with cobalamin C deficiency
Kenneth A. Myers, Roy WR. Dudley, Myriam Srour

Article Intractable apnoeic seizures in a child with a deletion typically associated with Williams syndrome
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Saber Jan, Ayako Ochi, Kota Kagawa, Peter Gill, Astrid Guttmann, Hiroshi Otsubo, Jeff Kobayashi

Article Early and long-term electroclinical features of patients with epilepsy and PCDH19 mutation
Nicole Chemaly, Emma Losito, Jean Marc Pinard, Agnès Gautier, Nathalie Villeneuve, Anne Sophie Arbues, Isabelle An, Isabelle Desguerre, Olivier Dulac, Catherine Chiron, Anna Kaminska, Rima Nabbout

Article Juvenile absence epilepsy relapsing as recurrent absence status, mimicking transient global amnesia, in an elderly patient
Lorenzo Muccioli, Laura Licchetta, Carlotta Stipa, Paolo Tinuper, Francesca Bisulli

Article KCNQ2 mutation in an infant with encephalopathy of infancy with migrating focal seizures
Alexander Freibauer, Kevin Jones

Article Improved decision-making and psychophysiological responses in mesial temporal lobe epilepsy after anterior temporal lobectomy
Serra Sandor, Şakir Delil, Selin Yağcı, Bektaş Korkmaz, S. Naz Yeni

Article The natural history of nodding syndrome
Richard Idro, Rodney Ogwang, Edward Kayongo, Norbert Gumisiriza, Agnes Lanyero, Angelina Kakooza-Mwesige, Bernard Opar

Article Cortical surface intracranial electrodes identify clinically relevant seizures missed on scalp EEG after traumatic intracranial hemorrhage
Chris R. Marcellino, Samuel Lapalme-Remis, Alejandro A. Rabinstein, Jamie J. Van Gompel, Gregory A. Worrell, Eric T. Payne, Sara Hocker

Article Faciobrachial dystonic seizures expressed as epileptic spasms, followed by focal seizures in anti-LGI1 encephalitis: a video-polygraphic study
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Giuseppe d’Orsi, Tommaso Martino, Alessandra Lalla, Maria Teresa Di Claudio, Elena Carapelle, Carlo Avolio

Article De novo absence status epilepticus in three paediatric patients: a new idiopathic epilepsy syndrome?
Roberto H. Caraballo, Santiago Chacón, Lorena Fasulo, Claudio Bedoya

Volume 20, numéro 5, October 2018

Article Sleep-related hypermotor epilepsy and peri-ictal hypotension in a patient with syntaxin-1B mutation
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Joao Peres, Francisco Antunes, Bilal Zonjy, Anna L. Mitchell, Samden D. Lhatoo

Article Patient satisfaction with epilepsy surgery: what is important to patients?
Meaghan Lunney, Sandra Wahby, Khara M. Sauro, Mark J. Atkinson, Colin B. Josephson, Fady Girgis, Shaily Singh, Scott B. Patten, Nathalie Jetté, Tolulope T. Sajobi, Walter Hader, Samuel Wiebe

Article Diaper changing-induced reflex seizures in CDKL5-related epilepsy
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Roberta Solazzi, Elena Fiorini, Elena Parrini, Francesca Darra, Bernardo Dalla Bernardina, Gaetano Cantalupo

Article West syndrome, developmental and epileptic encephalopathy, and severe CNS disorder associated with WWOX mutations
Qudsia Shaukat, Jozef Hertecant, Ayman W. El-Hattab, Bassam R. Ali, Jehan Suleiman

En accès libre Epilepsy surgery for polymicrogyria: a challenge to be undertaken
Louis Maillard, Georgia Ramantani

Article Ictal SPECT reveals different epileptogenic zones in frontal lobe epilepsy
Pedro Correia, Christian Vollmar, Jan Rémi, Christian la Fougere, Soheyl Noachtar

En accès libre Epilepsy for primary health care: a cost-effective Latin American E-learning initiative. A report from the Education Commission of the International League Against Epilepsy
Jaime Carrizosa, Patricia Braga, Marly Albuquerque, Alicia Bogacz, Jorge Burneo, Ana C. Coan, Guilca Contreras, Laura Guilhoto, Álvaro Izquierdo, Lady Ladino, Katia Lin, Maria L. Manreza, Lilia Morales, Loreto Ríos, Rodrigo Solarte, Kette Valente, Viviana Venegas, Angélica Uscátegui-Daccarett, Elza M. Yacubian, on behalf of the Working Group EVELA (Epilepsy Virtual Education in Latin America) and the ILAE Education Commission

Article Lacosamide for SCN2A-related intractable neonatal and infantile seizures
Flor-Hirsch Hadar, Heyman Eli, Livneh Ayelet, Reish Orit, Watemberg Nathan, Litmanovits Ita, Ben Sason Lilli Anat, Lev Dorit, Lerman Sagie Tally, Bassan Haim

Article Why the TimeToStop trial failed to recruit: a survey on antiepileptic drug withdrawal after paediatric epilepsy surgery
Herm J. Lamberink, Karin Geleijns, Willem M. Otte, Alexis Arzimanoglou, J. Helen Cross, Christian M. Korff, Georgia Ramantani, Kees P.J. Braun, on behalf of the TimeStop trial group

Article Stimulation-induced ictal vocalisation of left frontal lobe origin
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Leyla Baysal-Kirac, Elisabeth Hartl, Christian Vollmar, Katharina Ernst, Hannah Lohr, Soheyl Noachtar

Article Refractory epilepsy secondary to anti-GAD encephalitis treated with DBS post SEEG evaluation: a novel case report based on stimulation findings
Lisa Gillinder, Alexander Lehn, Jason Papacostas, Sarah Olson, Stefan Blum, Sasha Dionisio

Article Investigation of paediatric occipital epilepsy using stereo-EEG reveals a better surgical outcome than in adults, especially when the supracalcarine area is affected
Laura Craciun, Delphine Taussig, Sarah Ferrand-Sorbets, Eduardo Pasqualini, Arnaud Biraben, Olivier Delalande, Nathalie Dorison, Martine Fohlen, Georg Dorfmuller, Mathilde Chipaux

Volume 20, numéro 4, August 2018

Article Neonatal tremor episodes and hyperekplexia-like presentation at onset in a child with SCN8A developmental andepileptic encephalopathy
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Linda Pons, Gaëtan Lesca, Damien Sanlaville, Nicolas Chatron, Audrey Labalme, Véronique Manel, Alexis Arzimanoglou, Julitta de Bellescize, Laurence Lion-François

Article Biallelic loss-of-function UBA5 mutations in a patient with intractable West syndrome and profound failure to thrive
Atsuro Daida, Shin-ichiro Hamano, Satoru Ikemoto, Ryuki Matsuura, Mitsuko Nakashima, Naomichi Matsumoto, Mitsuhiro Kato

Article A comparison between the 1981 and 2017 International League Against Epilepsy classification of seizure types based on an outpatient setting
Hui Gao, Josemir W. Sander, Yingfeng Xiao, Yingying Zhang, Dong Zhou

En accès libre Genetic literacy series: genetic epilepsy with febrile seizures plus
Kenneth A. Myers, Ingrid E. Scheffer, Samuel F. Berkovic

Article A triad of infantile spasms, nystagmus and a focal tonic seizure
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Stephanie Garcia Tarodo, Thu Nguyen, Emmanuelle Ranza, Serge Vulliémoz, Christian M. Korff

En accès libre Identifying the educational needs of physicians in pediatric epilepsy in order to improve care: results from a needs assessment in Germany, Spain, and the United States
Suzanne Murray, Sara Labbé, Sanjeev Kothare, Ignacio Málaga, Gerhard Kluger, Patti Ogden, Patrice Lazure, Alexis Arzimanoglou

Article Epileptic ictal strabismus: a case report and review of the literature
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Francesco Brigo, Franco Alessandrini, Giammario Ragnedda, Piera Canu, Veronica Tavernelli, Arianna Bratti, Raffaele Nardone

Article Under-reporting of sudden unexpected death in epilepsy
Sarah Chen, Golsa Joodi, Orrin Devinsky, Murrium I. Sadaf, Irion W. Pursell, Ross J. Simpson Jr

Volume 20, numéro 3, June 2018

Article Atypical postictal transient subcortical T2 hypointensity in a newly diagnosed diabetic patient with seizures
Matteo Paoletti, Ana Bacila, Anna Pichiecchio, Lisa Maria Farina, Elisa Rognone, Riccardo Cremascoli, Simona Fanucchi, Raffaele Manni, Stefano Bastianello

Article Two cases of opercular myoclonic-anarthric status epilepticus
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Amaia Muñoz-Lopetegi, Gorka Fernández García de Eulate, Jon Rodríguez-Antigüedad Muñoz, Alberto Bergareche, Juan José Poza

Article Early-onset epileptic encephalopathy with myoclonic seizures related to 9q33.3-q34.11 deletion involving STXBP1 and SPTAN1 genes
Akilandeswari Aravindhan, Kinal Shah, Jayoung Pak, Aravindhan Veerapandiyan

Article GAD65 antibody-associated autoimmune epilepsy with unique independent bitemporal-onset ictal asystole
Caitlin E. D'Souza, Anteneh M. Feyissa

En accès libre Idiopathic generalised epilepsies of adult onset: a reappraisal and literature review
José Pimentel, Sara Varanda, Pedro Guimarães, Fernando Lopes da Silva

Article Chromosome 14q11.2-q21.1 duplication: a rare cause of West syndrome
Özdem Ertürk Çetin, Cengiz Yalçınkaya, Birsen Karaman, Veysi Demirbilek, Beyhan Tüysüz

Article A case of perioral myoclonia with absences and its evolution in adulthood?
Reyhan Surmelı, Hatice Kurucu, Ayse Destina Yalcın, Seher Naz Yenı

Article Antiepileptic effect of olanzapine in epilepsy patients with atypical depressive comorbidity
Xiangmiao Qiu, Bianca Zingano, Shixu He, Xi Zhu, Anjiao Peng, Jianan Duan, Peter Wolf, Lei Chen