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Awarded for the first time in 1963 to encourage epilepsy research in Germany, to date the MICHAEL PRIZE is one of the most  highly regarded international awards for the best contribution to clinical and experimental research...

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3 atlas EEG2019 3 usefull tools to analize physiological EEG 

-Awake and sleep activities in children and adults. Vol.1
-The Epilepsies. Vol.2
-Neurology and critical care.
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syndromes epilepticEpileptic Syndromes in Infancy, Childhood and Adolescence, 6th edition

An expected update of the "BLEU GUIDE" + A dedicated website
with more than 100 videos


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couverture de Pediatric epilespy surgery The "White guide" of Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery.

A pre-surgical evaluation in children, semiology of epileptic seizure, etiology, palliative surgery and following surgery.

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COVIDCOVID-19 and #Epilepsy resources from ILAE for patients, clinicians, and researchers: drug interactions, webinars, and here




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Age-dependent epileptic encephalopathy associated with an unusual co-occurrence of ZEB2 and SCN1A variants Transient epileptic amnesia diagnosed using long-term electroencephalography

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Epileptic Disorders-ILAE 2020 Educational Prize

Zhong YingDr. Zhong Ying was awarded the Epileptic Disorders Educational Prize for her paper:

A comprehensive clinico-pathological and genetic evaluation of bottom-of-sulcus focal cortical dysplasia in patients with difficult-to-localize focal epilepsy by Zhong Ying, Irene Wang, Ingmar Blümcke, Juan Bulacio, Andreas Alexopoulos, Lara Jehi, William Bingaman, Jorge Gonzalez-Martinez, Katja Kobow, Lisa Marie Niestroj, Dennis Lal, Konrad Koelble, Imad Najm - Epileptic Disorders Volume 21, issue 1, February 2019 (p.65-77)

The award will be presented at the first ever ILAE Journal Prize Virtual Symposium on Wednesday June 17, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm New York time.

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