Volume 22, supplément 1, January 2020

Review articles

Article Source of cannabinoids: what is available, what is used, and where does it come from? (p.1-9)
Nicola Specchio, Nicola Pietrafusa, Helen J. Cross

Article The proposed mechanisms of action of CBD in epilepsy (p.10-5)
Royston A. Gray, Benjamin J. Whalley

Article Pharmacology and drug interactions of cannabinoids (p.16-22)
Cecilie Johannessen Landmark, Ulrich Brandl

Article The role of cannabinoids in epilepsy treatment: a critical review of efficacy results from clinical trials (p.23-8)
Rima Nabbout, Elizabeth A. Thiele

Article Adverse effects of cannabinoids (p.29-32)
Carla Anciones, Antonio Gil-Nagel

Article Long-term effects of cannabinoids on development/behaviour (p.33-7)
Lieven Lagae