John Libbey Eurotext

Myoclonic encephalopathy caused by chronic bismuth abuse (Published with video sequence.) Volume 4, numéro 4, December 2002

   Figure 1. EEG-segments recorded A) on the day of admission (plasma Bi level 550 µg/L) showing a spike-and-wave-complex,generalised maximum left-frontal as well as a normal posterior background activity of 9.5 Hz; B) on day 5 (plasma Bi level 406 µg/L) showing a polyspikewave complex and C) on day 20 (plasma Bi level 30.4 µg/L) showing a posterior background slowing of 6 Hz.

   Figure 2. a) Time-course of Bi levels in plasma and urine,showing an increase in urinary excretion during DMPS treatment. b) Time-course of EEG background activity and spikewave- complexes [per 10 min]. Note: the improvement in the EEG changes, which paralleled the clinical course lags behind falling Bi levels by about 14 days.