Epileptic Disorders


Cumulative effects of antiseizure medication on intelligence in children with focal epilepsy Volume 24, numéro 5, October 2022

Figure 1.

Anatomical regions parcellated from T1-weighted MRI using Freesurfer. A representative left hemisphere is shown: (A) inferior axial slice; (B) superior axial slice; (C) posterior coronal slice; (D) anterior coronal slice; (E) medial sagittal slice; (F) lateral sagittal slice. Regions shown: white matter (white), cerebral cortex (light blue), putamen (pink), pallidum (dark blue), thalamus (dark green), caudate (light brown), superior frontal gyrus (light green), caudal middle frontal gyrus (dark brown), precentral gyrus (purple), paracentral gyrus (red), and cerebellum (yellow).

Figure 2.

This figure represents the association between the antiseizure medication (ASM) load and intelligence quotient (IQ). Simple regression lines for total IQ, verbal IQ and performance IQ are shown. ASM load: antiseizure medication load;IQ: intelligence quotient.