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Increased serum vitamin D concentration under oral magnesium therapy in elderly hypertensives Article à paraître


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1 Med. Klinik I, St. Anna Hospital, Herne
2 Ges. für Magnesium-Forschung, Tutzing
3 Med. Klinik I, Marien Hospital, Herne, Ruhr-Univ.-Bochum
4 Akad. für Mikronährstoffmedizin, Essen, Germany
* Correspondence: K. Kisters St. Anna Hospital Herne, ESH Excellence Centre Herne Med. Klinik I, Hospitalstr. 19, 44649 Herne, Germany

Serum and ionized magnesium concentrations are of growing interest in internal medicine, especially in cardiovascular diseases or in patients with diabetes mellitus [1-6]. 55-70% of total blood serum magnesium is the ionized magnesium amount, e.g. the active form, which is the vasoactive part. To assess total body magnesium content still remains difficult at all, e.g. 1% of total magnesium content [1, 2].In this context, recent papers showed statistically significant decreased ionized magnesium concentrations [...]