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Magnesium Research


Development, optimization and characterization of chewable tablet containing synergistic combination of magnesium orotate dihydrate with cholecalciferol and menaquinone-7 for management of hyperglycemia and its pharmacokinetic study Volume 34, numéro 2, April-May-June 2021


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1 IKG Punjab Technical University, Kapurthala, India
2 Amar Shaheed Baba Ajit Singh Jujhar Singh Memorial College of Pharmacy, Bela, Ropar, Punjab, India
3 Overseas R & D Centre, Overseas HealthCare Pvt Ltd., Phillaur, Punjab, India
4 Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, IET Bhaddal Technical Campus, Ropar, Punjab, India
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The objective of the present research is to develop and optimize a chewable tablet containing synergistic combination of magnesium orotate dihydrate (MOD), cholecalciferol (CHOL) and menaquinone-7 (MK-7) as per product development guidelines of ICH Q8 (R2). The effects of critical variables on quality attributes of chewable tablets were evaluated using 30 runs based design of experiment (DoE) after risk assessment. Optimized formation was found to be the one that was prepared with moderate granulation time of 7.23 min and contained 14 mg/tablet binder, 31 mg/tablet disintegrant and 11.377 mg/tablet lubricant. Prepared tablets were evaluated for prescribed pharmacopoeial and regulatory quality checks. Optimized formulation was found to have very low disintegration time of 6.06 min and 87.39% dissolution of MOD within 15 min in acidic media (0.1 N HCl), which ensure that the developed formulation behaves as a solution following oral administration. Stability studies under accelerated conditions revealed that the developed formulation can retain its quality characteristics throughout its shelf life. Pharmacokinetics study of chewable tablets in male Wistar rats shows that the time to reach maximum plasma or serum concentration (Tmax) was 3 h for MOD and 6 h for both CHOL and MK-7. Maximum plasma or serum concentration (Cmax) of MOD, CHOL and MK-7 was found to be 7.233 ± 1.159, 8.182 ± 0.783 and 8.331 ± 0.863 μg/mL [mean ± standard deviation (SD)], respectively. The area under the curve (AUC 0t) for MOD, CHOL and MK-7 was 80.692 ± 11.197, 124.325 ± 17.101 and 126.568 ± 12.064 μg.mL.h−1 (mean ± SD), respectively. Comparison of pharmacokinetic data of chewable tablets with a mixture of pure drugs proves that the developed formulation can efficiently deliver all the three nutrients in blood and is capable to elicit desired pharmacological response.