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Ictal eructation: a case report Volume 10, numéro 2, June 2008


  • Ictal eructation: a case report


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Neurology Department, Hospital of Santa Maria, EEG/Sleep Laboratory, Lisbon School of Medicine, Portugal

Gastrointestinal symptoms are considered manifestations of ictal phenomena. Eructations are only rarely described. The present case illustrates eructation as an ictal sign in a patient with symptomatic refractory epilepsy and a left temporal lesion submitted to video-EEG monitoring. The ictal EEG reveals a generalized attenuation of background activity followed by a lateralised right anterior temporal theta rhythmic activity. Eructations take place during the initial generalized ictal EEG changes. The rarity of the ictal eructation is emphasised, and the potential localizing and lateralizing value are discussed in the present case. [Published with video sequences]