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Autosomal dominant rolandic epilepsy with speech dyspraxia Volume 2, supplément 4, Supplément 1, Décembre 2000

Departments of Neurology, Austin and Repatriation Medical Centre, Royal Children's Hospital, Monash Medical Centre, and University of Melbourne, Australia.
  • Page(s) : 19-22
  • Année de parution : 2001

The disorder, autosomal dominant rolandic epilepsy with speech dyspraxia (ADRESD), was described in an Australian family in 1995 [1]. It is a rare condition, as further families have only recently been recognised. ADRESD illustrates the relationship between speech disorders and benign rolandic epilepsy (BRE) [2, 3]. Further, ADRESD and BRE are thought to form a spectrum, with the rare, severe epilepsy-aphasia syndromes, Landau-Kleffner syndrome [...]