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Epileptic Disorders

The Educational Journal of the International League Against Epilepsy

Volume 1, numéro 1, Mars 1999


En accès libre Message from the Editor (p.3)
Jean Aicardi

En accès libre Message from the President of the International League Against Epilepsy (p.5-6)
Jerome Engel Jr.


En accès libre Genetics of inherited epilepsies (p.7-19)
Louise Bate, Mark Gardiner

Articles originaux

En accès libre Clonic convulsion caused by epileptic discharges arising from human supplementary motor area as studied by subdural recording (p.21-6)
Akio Ikeda, Takashi Nagamine, Takeharu Kunieda, Shogo Yazawa, Shinji Ohara, Waro Taki, Jun Kimura, Hiroshi Shibasaki

En accès libre Clinical and video-polygraphic features of epileptic spasms in adults with cortical migration disorder (p.27-33)
Angelina Cerullo, Carla Marini, Roberta Carcangiu, Agostino Baruzzi, Paolo Tinuper

En accès libre Idiopathic partial epilepsy: electroclinical demonstration of a prolonged seizure with sequential rolandic and occipital involvement. Seizure spread due to regional susceptibility ? (p.35-40)
Lucio Parmeggiani, Renzo Guerrini
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En accès libre The localizing value of ictal SPECT in children with tuberous sclerosis complex and refractory partial epilepsy (p.41-6)
Susan Koh, Prasanna Jayakar, Trevor Resnick, Luis Alvarez, Richard E. Litt, Michael Duchowny

En accès libre Pure photosensitive ictus emeticus (p.47-50)
Pierre Thomas, Benjamin G. Zifkin

En accès libre Video-EEG and ictal SPECT in three patients with both epileptic and non-epileptic seizures (p.51-5)
Arnaud Biraben, Delphine Taussig, Anne-Marie Bernard, Jean-Pierre Vignal, Jean-Marie Scarabin, Patrick Chauvel, Roderick Duncan

En accès libre Benign myoclonus of early infancy (p.57-62)
Christa Pachatz, Lucia Fusco, Federico Vigevano
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En accès libre Repetitive sleep starts in neurologically impaired children: an unusual non-epileptic manifestation in otherwise epileptic subjects (p.63-7)
Lucia Fusco, Christa Pachatz, Raffaella Cusmai, Federico Vigevano
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En accès libre Epilepsy and perisylvian lipoma/cortical dysplasia complex (p.69-73)
Maxime Guye, Jean-Louis Gastaut, Fabrice Bartolomei

Analyse d'ouvrages

En accès libre Genetics of focal epilepsies (p.75)
Jean Aicardi