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Epileptic Disorders

The Educational Journal of the International League Against Epilepsy

Volume 2, numéro 1, Mars 2000


En accès libre This issue of Epileptic Disorders marks the beginning of the second year of the journal. (p.1-2)
J. Aicardi


En accès libre Neuropsychology of childhood epilepsy: pre- and postsurgical assessment (p.3-14)
M. Lassonde, H.C. Sauerwein, I. Jambaque, M.L. Smith, C. Helmstaedter

Articles originaux

En accès libre Nocturnal paroxysmal dystonia due to a subfrontal cortical dysplasia (p.15-20)
C.T. Lombroso
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En accès libre ”Dual pathology” and the significance of surgical outcome in “Dostoewsky epilepsy“ (p.21-6)
C.L. Vera, S.J. Patel, W. Naso

En accès libre Is it juvenile myoclonic epilepsy? (p.27-32)
P. Gelisse, P. Genton, C. Raybaud, P. Thomas, F. Bartolomei, C. Dravet
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En accès libre Hypothalamic hamartoma, precocious puberty and gelastic seizures: a special model of “epileptic” developmental disorder (p.33-8)
T. Deonna, A.L. Ziegler

Article spécial

En accès libre Treatment of children with “ordinary“ epilepsy (p.45-52)
P. Camfield, C. Camfield

Compte-rendu de cas

En accès libre Carbamazepine-induced combined phonic and motor tic in a boy with Down’s syndrome (p.39-40)
M. Holtmann, E. Korn-Merker, H.E. Boenigk
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En accès libre Ictal SPECT hyperperfusion reflects the activation of the symptomatogenic cortex in spontaneous and electrically induced non-habitual focal epileptic seizures: correlation with subdural EEG recordings (p.41-4)
S. Arnold, S. Noachtar, R. Linke, K.J. Werhahn, T.A. Yousry, P.A. Winkler, K. Tatsch
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Conférence mondiale sur la neurochirurgie pédiatrique

En accès libre Pediatric epilepsy surgery: state of the art, recent developments and future perspectives (p.53-6)
I. Tuxhorn, A. Moch, H. Holthausen

En accès libre Electrocorticography (p.57-64)
D.L. Keene, S. Whiting, E.C.G. Ventureyra

En accès libre Semiological seizure classification: relevance to pediatric epilepsy (p.65-74)
J.F. Bautista, H. Lüders

Analyse d'ouvrages

En accès libre Benign childhood partial seizures and related epileptic syndromes (p.75)
J. Aicardi

Lettre de l'éditeur

En accès libre Paroxysmal non-kinesigenic dyskinesia (p.76)
L. Vercueil