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Epileptic Disorders

The Educational Journal of the International League Against Epilepsy

Volume 8, supplément 2, Supplement 2, September 2006

Definition and localization of the epileptogenic zone

En accès libre The epileptogenic zone: general principles (p.1-9)
Hans O Lüders, Imad Najm, Dileep Nair, Peter Widdess-Walsh, William Bingman

En accès libre The concept of the epileptogenic zone: a modern look at Penfield and Jasper’s views on the role of interictal spikes (p.10-5)
Andre Palmini

En accès libre The Bancaud and Talairach view on the epileptogenic zone: a working hypothesis (p.16-26)
Philippe Kahane, Elisabeth Landré, Lorella Minotti, Stafano Francione, Philippe Ryvlin

En accès libre Definition of the epileptogenic zone in a patient with non-lesional temporal lobe epilepsy arising from the dominant hemisphere (p.27-35)
Imad M Najm, Richard Naugle, Robyn M Busch, William Bingaman, Hans Lüders

En accès libre Avoid falling into the depths of the insular trap (p.37-56)
Philippe Ryvlin

En accès libre A case of auditory auras: application of general principles to define and localize the epileptogenic zone (p.57-66)
Ajay Gupta

En accès libre Towards a definition of the “practical” epileptogenic zone: a case of epilepsy with dual pathology (p.67-76)
Serge Chassagnon, Maria Paola Valenti, Cécile Sabourdy, Philippe Esposito, Pierre Kehrli, Alexis Arzimanoglou, Philippe Ryvlin, Philippe Kahane, Edouard Hirsch