John Libbey Eurotext

Atypical presentation of sunflower epilepsy featuring an EEG pattern of continuous spike waves during slow-wave sleep Volume 23, numéro 6, December 2021

Figure 1

Key EEG findings at the age of nine years. (A, B) Photoparoxysmal response at a flash rate of 5-10 Hz and 15-20 Hz with brief absences and oro-alimentary automatisms, but without hand waving. (C) EEG during wakefulness with normal background activity characterized by age-appropriate posterior dominant rhythm, and good anterior-posterior organization. (D) Sleep-EEG with continuous spike and wave during slow-wave sleep (CSWS).

Figure 2

Timeline of a seizure provoked by hyperventilation. In the hospital setting, staring at the sun alone did not lead to seizures. Under additional hyperventilation, the EEG seizure onset occurred at the same time as lifting the left arm (arrows), followed by hand waving, and accompanied by an absence seizure.