European Journal of Dermatology

European Journal of Dermatology

Volume 21, numéro 5, September-October 2011


Volume 21, numéro 5, September-October 2011


Article Warning: some genetic resource crises we may encounter in the near future A thought from an EPPK kindred research (p.659)
Wen-Hua Feng, Wei-Tian Han

Review article

Article Psoriatic arthritis: from a dermatological perspective (p.660-6)
Toshiyuki Yamamoto

Article How to manage hypersensitivity reactions to biological agents? (p.667-74)
Annick Barbaud, Florence Granel, Julie Waton, Claire Poreaux

Genes and skin

Article A novel mutation within the 2B rod domain of keratin 9 in a Chinese pedigree with epidermolytic palmoplantar keratoderma combined with knuckle pads and camptodactyly (p.675-9)
Zhen-Fang Du, Wei Wei, Yi-Fan Wang, Xiao-Ling Chen, Chun-Yue Chen, Wen-Ting Liu, Jia-Jun Lu, Lian-Gen Mao, Chen-Ming Xu, Hong Fang, Xian-Ning Zhang

Article Familial anetoderma: a report of two families (p.680-5)
Annalisa Patrizi, Iria Neri, Annalucia Virdi, Cosimo Misciali, Carmine D’acunto

Investigative report

Article N-Terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide in systemic sclerosis: new insights (p.686-90)
Hebatallah Ahmad Elshamy, Soha Eldessouki Ibrahim, Hanan Mohamed Farouk, Afaf A. Moustafa, Iman Mohamed Aly, Wesam M. Osman

Article Peroxisome Proliferator Receptor (PPAR) β/δ in psoriatic patients before and after two conventional therapeutic modalities: methotrexate and PUVA (p.691-5)
Nermine El Eishi, Rehab Hegazy, Ola Abou Zeid, Olfat Shaker

Article Analysis of 6 cases of drug-induced pemphigus (p.696-9)
Suying Feng, Wuqing Zhou, Jiechen Zhang, Peiying Jin

Article A photographic scale for the evaluation of facial skin aging in Indian women (p.700-4)
Armand Bernois, Alexia Huber, Caroline Derome, Yorik Drouault, Delphine de Quéral, Sylvianne Schnebert, Eric Perrier, Catherine Heusèle

Article Risk factors for early-onset basal cell carcinoma in a German institution (p.705-9)
Renato Marchiori Bakos, Martin Kriz, Michael Mühlstlsquädt, Christian Kunte, Thomas Ruzicka, Carola Berking

Article Beneficial effects of pseudoceramide-containing physiologic lipid mixture as a vehicle for topical steroids (p.710-6)
Young Bok Lee, Hyun Jung Park, Mi Jung Kwon, Se Kyoo Jeong, Sang Hyun Cho

Article Cutis laxa: analysis of metalloproteinases and extracellular matrix expression by immunohistochemistry and histochemistry (p.717-21)
Weijie Gu, Wei Liu, Xueqin Yang, Xiaoying Yuan, Yan Tian, Rusong Meng, Qingli Zhao

Article Skin-healing activity and toxicological evaluation of a proteinase fraction from Carica candamarcensis (p.722-30)
Fernanda O. Lemos, Lucas A.M. Ferreira, Valbert N. Cardoso, Geovanni D. Cassali, Carlos E. Salas, Miriam T.P. Lopes

Article Up-regulation of CC chemokine ligand 20 and its receptor CCR6 in the lesional skin of early systemic sclerosis (p.731-6)
Juan Tao, Lin Li, Zhijian Tan, Yan Li, Jing Yang, Fen Tian, Li Wang, Yali Ren, Guangfen Xu, Xiaoliang He, Guanxin Shen, Yating Tu


Article Treatment of psoriasis with recombinant human LFA3-antibody fusion protein: a multi-center, randomized, double-blind trial in a Chinese population (p.737-43)
Heng Yan, Min Tang, Yi You, Jian-Bin Yu, Jiang-An Zhang, Xiao-Hong Li, Jian-Fang Sun, Yi-Qun Jiang, Hao Chen, Zai-Pei Guo, Lin Xiong, Wei He, Zhi Li, Jun Gu, Chun-Fang Gao, Zhi-Li Guo, Tian-Wen Gao, Gang Wang, Xian-Ping Li, Jing LI, Fei Hao, Ya-Jun Guo

Clinical report

Article Bone involvement in two cases of thoracic primary cutaneous diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, leg type (p.744-9)
Sophie Lipowicz, Marie Beylot-Barry, Sylvain Choquet, Philippe Maksud, Béatrice Vergier, Anne-Flore Albertini, Camille Frances, Stéphane Barete

Article Frontal fibrosing alopecia: a review of eleven patients (p.750-2)
Iolanda Conde Fernandes, Manuela Selores, Susana Machado

Article Disseminated fusariosis in immunocompromised patients (p.753-6)
Eva María Gutiérrez Paredes, Lucía Gámez Pérez, Antonio Javier González Rodríguez, Dolores Ramón Quiles, Carlos Monteagudo Castro, Esperanza Jordá Cuevas

Article High social phobia frequency and related disability in patients with acne vulgaris (p.756-60)
Yasin Bez, Yavuz Yesilova, Mehmet Cemal Kaya, Aytekin Sir

Article Cardiovascular and metabolic risk profile in German patients with moderate and severe psoriasis: a case control study (p.761-70)
Christine Warnecke, Ioannis Manousaridis, Raphael Herr, Darcey D. Terris, Matthias Goebeler, Sergij Goerdt, Wiebke K. Peitsch

Article Camptodactyly: a 10-year series (p.771-5)
Andrew J. Larner


Article Etanercept, childhood and long-term safety: a case of five years treatment (p.776-7)
Annamaria Mazzotta, Rosita Saraceno, Maria Esposito, Sergio Chimenti

Article Demodicosis successfully treated with repeated doses of oral ivermectin and permethrin cream (p.777-8)
Maria Teresa Truchuelo-Díez, Javier Alcántara, Rosario Carrillo, Manolo Martín, Pedro Jaén Olasolo, Jesus Pérez-Molina

Article Bullous dermatomyositis in China (p.778-9)
Yan-Ping Yang, Ying Zhou, Hong-Wei Guo, Yi-Ming Fan

Article Relapsing polychondritis associated with psoriasis vulgaris and alopecia areata (p.779-80)
Kazutoshi Murao, Yasutoshi Hida, Mayumi Minato, Yoshiaki Kubo, Seiji Arase

Article Elevated expression of activation-induced cytidine deaminase in T and NK cells from patients with chronic active Epstein-Barr virus infection (p.780-2)
Motonobu Nakamura, Seiko Iwata, Hiroshi Kimura, Yoshiki Tokura

Article Protracted herpes zoster and severe postherpetic neuralgia after inadvertant infliximab administration (p.782-3)
Valérie Failla, Charlotte Castronovo, Cécile Meex, Arjen F. Nikkels

Article Serum concentration of dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEA-S) in patients suffering from acute urticaria (p.783-4)
Alicja Kasperska-Zajac, Edyta Machura, Alicja Grzanka, Ewa Hadas, Ewa Koczy-Baron

Article Mesalazine-induced psoriasis in patients with inflammatory bowel diseases (p.784-5)
Antonella DI CESARE, Rosaria FIDANZA, Assunta RIITANO, Maria Concetta FARGNOLI, Ketty PERIS

Article Primary cutaneous peripheral primitive neuroectodermal tumor with multiple papules and nodules (p.786-7)
Yeqiang LIU, Xiaogang XIONG, Yuejue WANG, Wenbin CHEN, Xiao XU, Qin LEI, Ying ZHANG, Shihong HU, Ping ZHANG, Ying WANG, Jun LU, Juan TAO

Article Type A and B pigmentary demarcation lines in a white, pregnant woman- a rare observation? (p.787-8)
Meena Arunachalam, Nicola Bruscino, Andrea Bassi, Elisa Difonzo

Article Generalized granuloma annulare possibly associated with acute Epstein-Barr virus infection (p.788-9)
Ji-Youn Park, Jun Eun Park, You Chan Kim

Article Dramatic response of recalcitrant warts as a side effect of colorectal cancer treatment with oral capecitabine (p.789-90)
Blandine Bel, Marie-Hélène Lorton, Ariane Darut-Jouve, Pierre Vabres

Article Atypical cutaneous mycobacteriosis co-infection with pulmonary tuberculosis in an immunocompetent patient (p.790-1)
Joana Antunes, Paulo Filipe, David Pacheco, Rita Travassos

Article Ulcerative necrobiosis lipoidica successfully treated by vacuum-assisted closure therapy (p.791-2)
Birka Brauns, Michael P. Schön, Markus Zutt

Article Angiosarcoma of the forearm arising in an arteriovenous fistula in a renal transplant recipient (p.792-3)
Susumu Murata, Sakae Kaneko, Kenji Kusatake, Minao Furumura, Kaoru Sakieda, Yuji Harada, Riruke Maruyama, Eishin Morita

Article Seborrheic keratosis in a young patient with non-bullous congenital ichthyosiform erythroderma (p.793-4)
Satoshi Nakamizo, Kenzo Takahashi, Yoshiki Miyachi, Kenji Kabashima

Article Acute myopathy and acne fulminans triggered by isotretinoin therapy (p.794-5)
Evren Sarifakioglu, Ozlem Onur, Hamide Kart, Ayse Esra Yilmaz

Article Pityriasis rubra pilaris with prominent acantholytic dyskeratosis (p.796-7)
Maxime Battistella, Cécile Pages, Claire Demongeot, Bénédicte Cavelier-Balloy, Martine Bagot, Manuelle Viguier

Article Fingertip calcinosis cutis in an incomplete limited-type systemic scleroderma (p.797-8)
Martina Alés-Fernández, Antonio Rodríguez-Pichardo, Francisco M. Camacho-Martínez

Article Melanoma lymph node metastasis occurring simultaneously with multifocal sarcoidosis affecting lymph nodes and the lung: a diagnostic pitfall (p.798-9)
Benjamin Chaigne, Adeline Perrinaud, Alexandre Penaud, Marie-Christine Machet, Yann Venel, Sylvain Marchand-Adam, Laurent Machet

Article Urticariform striae distensae with severe pruritus and pain in an obese woman (p.799-800)
Mami Kanata, Masahiro Oka, Hiroshi Nagai, Makoto Kunisada, Chikako Nishigori

Article Mast cells do not play a role in vitiligo (p.800-1)
Samantha Berti, Laura Amato, Meena Arunachalam, Adelina Spallanzani, Francesca Prignano, Romina Nassini, Daniela Massi, Roberta Colucci, Silvia Moretti

Article Hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia caused by a missense mutation in the EDA gene (p.801-3)
Atsushi Fujimoto, Muhammad Farooq, Nobuyuki Sato, Yukiko Masui, Hiroki Fujikawa, Masaaki Ito, Yutaka Shimomura

Article Lipomatous variant of eccrine angiomatous hamartoma (p.803-4)
Akemi Kyo, Masahiro Oka, Atsuko Hiromoto, Makoto Kunisada, Chikako Nishigori

Article Beneficial effects of neutrophil-targeted therapy for pyoderma gangrenosum associated with ulcerative colitis (p.804-5)
Kazuko Ikeda, Toshihisa Hamada, Masaki Otsuka, Keiji Iwatsuki

Article Tinea incognito complicating Cushing's syndrome secondary to a bronchial carcinoid tumour (p.805-6)
Babar Shaheen, Fiona Irvine, Marie Freel, Orla O’Mahony, Gillian S. Shankland, David Matthews, Nicholas J. Wainwright

Article Actinic granuloma associated with erythema nodosum (p.806-7)
Yasushi Matsuzaki, Akiko Rokunohe, Yohei Nishikawa, Hajime Nakano, Daisuke Sawamura

Article Subcutaneous injection of isophane protamine biosynthetic human insulin induced psoriasis at the injection site (p.807-8)
Peng Wang, Yuping Ran

Article Role of serum uric acid in conditioning the association of psoriasis with metabolic syndrome (p.808-9)
Nicoletta Cassano, Monica Carbonara, Maria Panaro, Michelangelo Vestita, Gino A. Vena

Article Tinea faciei with anterior blepharitis due to Trichophyton mentagrophytes (p.810-1)
Edouard Bégon, Michel Thibault, Nicole Bizet-Mourot, Alain Bouchardeau, Geneviève Buot, Claude Bachmeyer

Article Dermoscopic and histopathological findings of epidermotropic metastatic malignant melanoma (p.811-3)
Tessin Watanabe, Hiromi Higaki, Nanako Yamada, Yuichi Yoshida, Osamu Yamamoto

Article A misleading CD68 positive balloon cell nevus on the penis in a child (p.813-4)
Hao Chen, Jianfang Sun, Yanning Xue, Xuesi Zeng

Article Isolated collagenoma with a unique appearance on the scalp (p.814)
Yuichiro Endo, Tomoyuki Shirase, Atsushi Utani, Yoshiaki Yoshikawa

Article Mixed neurothekeoma of the upper limb (p.815-6)
Aristóteles Rosmaninho, Manuela Selores, Rosário Alves

Article Effects of cyclosporine on pruritus and serum IL-31 levels in patients with atopic dermatitis (p.816-7)
Atsushi Otsuka, Miki Tanioka, Yujin Nakagawa, Tetsuya Honda, Akihiko Ikoma, Yoshiki Miyachi, Kenji Kabashima

Article Catastrophic gangrene caused by heat-insoluble cryoglobulins (p.817-8)
Noriki Fujimoto, Gen Nakanishi, Masae Shirai, Norikazu Fujii, Hitoshi Minamiguchi, Keiko Hodohara, Toshihiro Tanaka

Article Subcorneal hematoma in superficial epidermolytic ichthyosis mimicking a melanocytic pigmented lesion (p.818-9)
Riccardo Balestri, Emi Dika, Annalisa Patrizi, Iria Neri

Article Herpetic folliculitis in seborrheic keratosis of the head (p.819-0)
Yumi Kinoshita, Hiromichi Takama, Natsuko Ishida, Yoichi Akita, Yasuhiko Tamada, Daisuke Watanabe

Article Dermoscopic findings in pigmented fungiform papillae of the tongue (p.819-20)
Yi-Hsin Hsiao, Jui-Hung Ko, Chin-Fang Lu, Ming-Jing Chen

Article Is the mnemonic BENGAL CO a complete list of painful skin nodules? (p.820-1)
Khalid Al ABOUD

Article Multiple syringoid eccrine carcinomas with a long-term exposure to X-rays (p.821-2)
Shi-Jun Shan, John Chen, Xuegang Xu, Ying Guo, Huachen Wei, Quan-Zhong Liu, Zhiyi Fu, Hong-Duo Chen

Article Scleromyxedema vs scleredema: a diagnostic challenge (p.822-3)
Iolanda Conde Fernandes, Madalena Sanches, Glória Velho, Inês Lobo, Rosário Alves, Manuela Selores

Article Trichomycosis capitis: first report of this localization and ultrastructural aspects (p.823-4)
Hiram De Almeida Jr, Fernanda Götze, Glaucia Heckler, Ricardo Marques e Silva

Residents’ corner

Article Residents’ corner September 2011. Residents’ editorial choice (p.826-7)
Laurence Feldmeyer, Emmanuella Guenova, Tiago Torres, Audrey Nosbaum

Residents’ corner September 2011.

Article Residents’ corner September 2011. CarpeDIEM – Birbeck granule in Langerhans cell histiocytosis (p.827)
Emmanuella Guenova, Martin Schaller

Residents’ corner September 2011. sQUIZ your knowledge!

Article Residents’ corner September 2011. sQUIZ your knowledge! (p.827-8)
Andrea Saggini, Tiago Torres