MOSAIC: a European cohort study of human Mpox – the challenges of clinical research in outbreaks Volume 27, numéro 1, Janvier-Février 2023

1 ANRS Maladies infectieuses émergentes, Paris, France
2 Pandemic Sciences Institute, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK
3 Hôpitaux universitaires de Genève, Genève, Suisse
4 Université Paris Cité, Inserm, IAME UMR 1137, Paris, France
5 AP-HP Nord, Hôpital Bichat, Département d’Épidémiologie biostatistique et recherche clinique, Paris, France
6 AP-HP Nord, Hôpital Bichat, Service de Virologie, Paris, France
7 AP-HP Nord, Hôpital Bichat, Service des Maladies infectieuses et tropicales, Paris, France
* Correspondence: S. Kali

Introduction The etiologic agent of Mpox (formerly referred to as monkeypox virus disease [1]) is a DNA virus belonging to the Orthopoxvirus genus of the Poxviridae family (hMPXV), for which there are two distinct genetic clades [2,3]. Clade I is associated with higher morbidity and a mortality rate of approximately 11% [4]; Clade II consists of two subclades, of which Clade IIb is the predominant variant circulating during the 2022 multi-country outbreak, and has a lower mortality [...]