Hervé Moreau 16/10/1958 - 05/07/2020 Volume 24, numéro 4, Juillet-Août 2020


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Group leaders of the GENOPHY (Génomique évolutive et énvironnementale du Phytoplancton),
UMR7232, laboratoire de Biologie intégrative des organismes marins,
66650, Banyuls sur mer, France
* Correspondence

With support from the Société Française de Virologie. Hervé Moreau began his career at the CNRS in 1985 as a biochemist in a biochemistry and molecular biology laboratory in Marseille (figure 1), where he worked on the characterization of lipases in the digestive tract [1]. Hervé joined the Banyuls sur Mer observatory in 1996, where he first investigated cell cycles in marine phytoplankton [2, 3], before initiating a research programme on genomics of the smallest [...]