Emergence of Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease in France in 2023: Impacts and Future Prospects Volume 28, numéro 1, Janvier-Février 2024


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Laboratory for animal health, ANSES, Maisons-Alfort, National reference laboratory (NRL) for Epizootic Hemorragic Disease (EHD), WOAH Reference laboratory for EHD
* Correspondance : D. Vitour

The Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD) virus poses a significant threat to European cattle. This virus, belonging to the Sedoreoviridae family (genus Orbivirus), is transmitted by biting midges (Culicoides genus). It was first identified in the United States in 1955 in white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus), the species known to be the most susceptible to infection (mortality rate of up to 90%) [1, 2]. Since then, it has spread throughout the world, affecting various regions, including [...]