New perspectives for the journal Sexologies, a response to the challenges of francophone sexology? Article à paraître


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1 Editor-in-Chief, Rouen-Normandie University, UFR sciences de l’homme et de la société, laboratoire CRFDP (EA7475), Rouen, France
2 Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Psychology Department, Liège University, Belgium
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* Correspondance : Brice Gouvernet, <brice.gouvernet@univ-rouen.fr>

  After 16 years of fruitful collaboration, the partnership between Elsevier and Sexologies, the European Journal of Sexology and Sexual Health, came to an end with issue 04-2022. As noted by Alain Giami and Mireille Bonierbale in the editorial of the last issue (Giami & Bonierbale, 2022), during these years, the journal focused on highlighting the specificity of European and francophone sexology, the need for a multidisciplinary and multi-referenced approach to issues related to sexuality, [...]