Médecine de la Reproduction


L’accès aux origines pour les personnes conçues par assistance médicale à la procréation avec tiers donneur : le point de vue de l’association PMAnonyme Volume 24, numéro 3, Juillet-août-septembre 2022

Association PMAnonyme
* Tirés à part : B. D’Ausbourg

PMAnonyme is France’s oldest and most active organization of donor-conceived people. Since 2004, it has fought for the right of all individuals conceived with the help of a donor, to gain access to their biological origins. In 2021, the long-awaited new French bioethics law changed for the better. However, this new law won’t apply to most donor-conceived people. Only those conceived by the sperm banks (Cecos) who are aware of how they were conceived will benefit from this legal change, provided the Cecos did not deliberately destroy the archives. Furthermore, donor-conceived individuals are skeptical about how this new right will be applicable. For instance, it is still unclear how the information will be shared when a donor is deceased, regarding disclosing donors’ medical information or birth certificate’s discrimination. Finally, the legislator has not considered the effects of the popularity of DNA tests in the donor-conceived community. Legal access to biological origins must answer the real needs of donor-conceived people; otherwise, this law will be outdated quickly.