Qu'attendent les patients de la consultation de suivi d'une pathologie chronique en médecine générale ? Volume 10, numéro 5, Mai 2014

Université Jean Monnet, service universitaire de médecine générale, Saint-Étienne - marju42@hotmail.fr

Context. The rate of drug prescriptions is important in France in ambulatory care, our country being in a leading position of drug use in Europe. During the so-called “prescription renewal” for patients suffering from chronic diseases consultations, the drug appears in the heart of the patient/GP relationship. Objectives. To explore the patients' expectations during the consultation and secondarily their representations of drugs. Method: Qualitative Survey by semi-structured interviews with 15 patients, recorded, put to paper and analyzed by theme. Results. Patients imagined a very “ritualized” consultation, allowing the concomitant treatment of intercurrent diseases, as well as preventive care. The GP was perceived as a partner and a treatment manager. A fear of poly-medication and adverse drug effect were expressed. Overall, the patients seemed to comply with drug prescriptions but agreed less to lifestyle advice. Conclusion. Patients' expectations are multiple here. Patients and GP seem to share some goals in the care that could allow the reorganization of monitoring.