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From good practice to ethics-led local charters for elderly people in long-term care Article à paraître

1 Responsable du pôle réseaux et observatoire, Espace de réflexion éthique d’Île-de-France ; Espace national de réflexion éthique et maladies neuro-évolutives
2 Chair of the Pays-de-la-Loire regional ethics committee; Head of the clinical gerontology unit, Nantes University Hospital

The ground-breaking document entitled “During the pandemic and after. What ethics should be applied in facilities for elderly people” [1] was commissioned by Brigitte Bourguignon, Minister for Autonomy. It is intended for professionals working in French Ehpads, USLDs, independent living facilities and serviced accommodation.The general idea is that a health crisis of this magnitude calls for exceptional ethical vigilance, but not an exceptional ethical approach. As distinct from the elaboration of [...]