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European Journal of Dermatology


sQUIZ your knowledge! A blue-coloured nodule on the abdomen Volume 30, numéro 5, September-October 2020


  • Figure 1
Servicio de Dermatologia Hospital Universitario San Cecilio, Avda Conocimiento 33, 18016 Granada, Spain

A 49-year-old female with a history of autoimmune hepatitis, being treated with azathioprine, was referred to our dermatology department for assessment of a lesion which had appeared several months ago. Examination revealed a blue-coloured nodule on the abdomen, 6 mm in diameter (figure 1). It was slightly tender on palpation and the patient reported increased pain during menstruation. Dermoscopy examination revealed a non-specific and homogeneous blue pattern with no other signs (figure 1B). Surgical [...]