European Journal of Dermatology


Lipoprotein (a) and nitrites in Behcet’s disease: relationship with disease activity and vascular complictions Volume 16, numéro 1, January-February 2006

Department of Dermatology,, Department of Rheumatolgy,, Department of Neurology,, Department of Internal Medicine,, Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt

Our objective was the assessment of serum lipoprotein(a) {Lp(a)} and nitrites in Behcet’s disease (BD) patients and their relation to vascular events and disease activity. Thirty cases of BD and 14 healthy volunteers were included. Serum levels of Lp(a) were estimated using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays. Serum nitrites were measured according to the method of Benjamin and Vallence. Compared to controls, BD patients had significantly lower concentrations of serum nitrites, and significantly higher concentrations of Serum Lp(a). Significantly higher levels of serum Lp(a) were observed in patients with vascular complications, while significantly lower levels of serum nitrites were found during disease activity and in patients with erythema nodosum like lesions. Increased serum lipoprotein (a) may contribute to the increased incidence of vascular complications in Behcet’s disease. Decreased nitrites can be considered as a marker of disease activity that may be related to endothelial dysfunction.