European Journal of Dermatology


Excessive hair growth in a patient with psoriatic erythroderma following secukinumab administration Volume 28, numéro 4, July-August 2018


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Department of Dermatology, University of Occupational and Environmental Health, 1-1 Iseigaoka, Yahatanishi-ku, Kitakyushu 807-8555, Japan

IL-17 is a proinflammatory cytokine which is involved in various inflammatory diseases. Because of this, blockade of IL-17A is presently one of the major therapeutic targets for inflammatory diseases. However, several cutaneous adverse events have been reported during anti-IL-17A antibody treatment. Herein, we report an unusual case of psoriatic erythroderma with androgenetic alopecia-like hair loss with hair growth after administration of the anti-IL-17A antibody, secukinumab.An 85-year-old man [...]