John Libbey Eurotext

Bulletin du Cancer


General practitioners assessment of a structured report on medical decision making by a regional multidisciplinary cancer committee Volume 94, numéro 10, Octobre 2007

Département de cancérologie générale, Centre Oscar Lambret, Lille, Equipe d’accueil 2694: santé publique, épidémiologie et modélisation des maladies chroniques, Université Lille II, Cellule Qualité, Direction, Centre Oscar Lambret, Lille

The structured report (SR) summarizing the multidisciplinary decision making for referred cancer patient is a new opportunity to ameliorate communication between GPs and cancer specialists. The aim of this study was to investigate how GPs value this structured report. We carried out a questionnaire-audit on SR GPs assessment. The SR had included: the list of committee participants, short summary of clinical history and characteristics, tumour location and size, TNM classification, precise histological diagnosis, practice guidelines used, possibility of clinical trial, identification of specialist in charge of patient, and a short conclusion. The enrolled patients were treated for soft tissue sarcoma, melanoma or carcinoma with unknown primary. The response rate was 47% (52/110). 79% of GPs are satisfactory with the structured report. The analysis of responses suggest 3 amelioration axes: (i) accompany the report with a short summary of guidelines used, (ii) describe clearly the potential cancer treatment side effects and suggest some treatments of those side-effects, (iii) and send this structured report more rapidly during the clinical pathway. This SR appears clearly an opportunity of communication amelioration between care providers. This SR is appreciated by GPs. But, it is necessary to include more practical information.